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Why is Encapsulation Important?

This is your chance to encapsulate soil and help prevent it from reaching into the carpet. Save water, save labor, reduce downtime and improve your bottom line.

FaciliPro Hand Soap Moving Triclosan Free

FaciliPro Advanced Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap with quat active is approved for use in all customer settings.

New FaciliPro Laundry Products

Two new products have been added FaciliPro Laundry Line.

Aquanomic™ Low-Temp Laundry Program

Consistently superior results that reduce rewash while extending the life of linens - all while delivering significant energy and water savings over traditional laundry programs, improving your bottom line.

Stone MAXX Floor Machine Now Available

Maintain your floor care investment with our stone floor machine.

Don't Let Common Carpet Stains Ruin Your Image

New and improved FaciliPro Miracle Spotter can help you create a positive first impression.

Introducing FaciliPro Pourpaks

FaciliPro Pourpaks - small, portable pouches of our most popular dilution control products are now available.

Hand Hygiene: We Make Clean Hands Easier

Did you know that the flu virus can survive on hands for up to 5 minutes? Ecolab is well positioned to help improve hand washing habits with our new bacteria-killing chemistry, improved dispensers, training and support.

Extend Linen Life with the StainBlaster Stain Management Program

Help your customers extend linen life and save on linen replacement costs

New FaciliPro Floor Care Products: Gemini Pro and Bright Blast

We are excited to introduce two NEW FaciliPro floor products - a low maintenance floor finish and super concentrated stripper.

Introducing FACILIPRO™ Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant

A true multi-purpose solution designed to drive operational efficiencies that can disinfect surfaces in as fast as 3 minutes.

FACILIPRO Durable Floor Care Program

Reduces downtime, increases productivity. FACILIPRO Phazer Durable Floor Care lowers costs by up to 50% vs. conventional and ultra durable finishes.

Help Fight LTC Infections with Proper Cleaning and Disinfecting

As viruses become more resistant in Long Term Care, the right tools and cleaning procedures are important to minimize outbreaks — and housekeepers need to be trained accordingly.

Hard Surface Cleaners

Bio-based for maximum clean and improved sustainability. Ensure optimal cleaning results while reducing environmental impact.

One of the Nation's Busiest Airports Adopts Advanced Cleaning Technology: Ecolab's Hydris

What happens in Vegas now gets cleaned in Vegas. Learn more about the Ecolab & Waxie Hydris installation at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.