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Nowhere is disinfection and the fight against germs more important than in patient rooms at hospitals and healthcare facilities.  

A clean healthcare environment is critical to helping reduce the risk of infection. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die from HAIs (healthcare-aquired infections). In response, we developed the EnCompass™ Monitoring Program to measure, track and improve patient room hygiene. With proper staff training and monitoring, we can help you improve cleaning outcomes and reduce risk.

Here is your chance to help reduce the risk of HAIs with your customers and help increase cash in your pocket!

Now you can earn 5% of the total EnCompass Monitoring Program sales per customer*

How a DSR Can Earn Additional Income with a New Customer:

1. Learn more about the EnCompass Monitoring Program by clicking the following link: EnCompass Monitoring Program
2. Speak to your customer about the EnCompass Monitoring Program and gain the lead.
3. Submit the lead to Ecolab by filling out the: New Customer Lead Form
4. You will be contacted by an Ecolab representative to set up a joint customer visit.
5. Customer must sign a one year contract with Ecolab for the EnCompass Monitoring Program.
6. Payout will be sent to your distributor branch location.**

Only Ecolab can help deliver infection prevention solutions to improve cleanliness, operational efficiency & help your customers focus on delivering quality patient care & improved outcomes. For additional information about other FaciliPro Healthcare offerings click the following link: FaciliPro Healthcare Program Brochure

*payout range is based on customer bedcount.
**allow up to 60 days for processing.
Need More Information?

Email us at ecolabhhc@ecolab.com