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Ecolab Raises the Bar on Sustainable Cleaning for Higher Education Facilities

Ecolab solutions help your customers tackle the extensive and diverse cleaning and sanitation requirements on campus without sacrificing sustainability.

From dining services to residence halls, from carpets to high-touch surfaces like desks and doorknobs, Ecolab delivers world-class products and innovative dispensing systems backed by unmatched service.

Positive Impact

  • Meet a higher standard for building cleanliness across the entire campus
  • Help reduce illness risk among students and faculty
  • Great first impressions in lobbies and high-visibility common areas
  • Sustainable solutions help your customers comply with state and local green cleaning regulations

Personal Service

  • Proactively prevent issues from becoming problems with regular service visits
  • Innovative dispensing systems maintained and serviced by Ecolab
  • On-site service and training on the latest Ecolab products and cleaning procedures

Ecolab Solutions Deliver Campus-Wide Protection

  • Classrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Residence halls
  • Athletic facilities and laundries
  • Pools
  • Dining Halls
Need More Information?

Email us at ecolabhhc@ecolab.com

Hard Surface Cleaners

Bio-based for maximum clean and improved sustainability.

Ensure optimal cleaning results while reducing environmental impact.