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Aquanomic™ Low-Temp Laundry Program


Results you can count on

  • Ecolab chemistry delivers a greater overall clean the first time
  • Get your linens white and bright by tackling graying and yellowing
  • Keep your linens soft and touchable with our industry-leading softener - up to 6x better on softness
  • Proven a fresh, long-lasting scent that your guests will enjoy - up to 2x better freshness!

The Aquanomic Laundry Program provides premium results and proven savings.
Aquanomic Program Video

Aquanomic Smart Wash Process

The Aquanomic Low-Temp Laundry Program offers consistently superior results that reduce rewash while extending the life of linens - all while delivering significant energy and water savings over traditional laundry programs, improving your bottom line.

Traditional_vs_Aquanomic Smart_Wash_Process

A Sustainable, Smart Solution

The Aquanomic Laundry Program is an innovative way for your organization to make a difference by saving natural resources and helping improve operational efficiency. The Aquanomic Program and the Smart Wash Process reduces wash steps, water usage, and water temperature.

Safe and Easy to Use

  • Phosphate-free and NPE-free chemistry helps protect waterways and the environment
  • Closed Loop dispensing and color coded products improve safety and reduce exposure to chemicals

World-Class Service with Innovative Technology

  • World-class Service: Ecolab's team of experts offer unparalleled service and support (24/7/365)
  • Award winning innovation: Aquanomic received the 2011 Cleantech Tekne Award for environmentally sound solutions

Aquanomic Solids
Market Long Term Care Facilities and limited service hotels - less than 200 rooms
Specs Laundry machines up to 135 pounds
  • Small, lightweight product capsules; closed loop solid chemistry dispensing
  • Fewer products, easy to use dispensing, out of product alarms
Aquanomic Solids Brochure
(5.15 MB pdf)
Aquanomic Solids Brochure
(5.15 MB pdf)

Aquanomic Liquids
Market Full service hotels - 200+ rooms
  • Machines larger than 135 pounds
  • Ideal for large size machines up to 400 lbs
  • Customized wash formulations
  • System flexibility to address your toughest linen challenges
Aquanomic™ 2.0 Liquids Laundry Program Brochure
(460 KB PDF)
Aquanomic™ 2.0 Liquids Laundry Program Brochure
(460 KB PDF)