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Hand Hygiene: We Make Clean Hands Easier

Did you know that the flu virus can survive on hands for up to 5 minutes? That's why practicing proper hand washing procedures is a must every day and especially during the cold and flu season. The CDC recommends these steps:

  • Wet hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap and apply soap
  • Rub hands together to lather the soap. Clean the backs of hands, between fingers and under nails
  • Scrub for at least 20 seconds
  • Rinse well under clean, running water
  • Dry with a clean towel or air dry
  • Before using hand sanitizer, remove any dirt from hands with soap and water. Apply product to palm and rub hands together until it disappears (15-20 seconds)

Ecolab is well positioned to help you improve your hand washing habits with our new bacteria-killing chemistry, improved dispensers, training and support. Check out the Ecolab Total Hand Hygiene brochure below to learn how Ecolab can help you keep your operation clean and safe for both your employees and guests.

For additional flu resources and product information check-out www.gofacilipro.com weekly for news stories or visit www.ecolab.com/pages/flu