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Introducing FaciliPro Pourpaks

Introducing FaciliPro Pourpaks - small, portable pouches of our most popular dilution control products.

The most popular dilution control products are now available in a Pourpak size. Pourpaks are small 1 oz - 2 oz packages that are ready for proper dilution. You simply pour the solution into a spray bottle or mop bucket and dilute with water. Benefits of these Pourpaks include:

  • Portability provides labor savings
  • Proper dilution minimizes waste and improves performance
  • Simplified packaging minimizes disposal hassles
  • Convenience to fill spray bottles anywhere

The available Pourpaks include:
6100847 - FaciliPro 34 Pourpak Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner (50-2 oz. packs)
6100848 - FaciliPro 35 Pourpak Concentrated Alkaline Floor Cleaner (50-2 oz. packs)
6100842 - FaciliPro 50 Pourpak Concentrated Glass Cleaner GS (50-2 oz. packs)
6100849 - FaciliPro 53 Pourpak Concentrated Multi-Purpose Degreaser (50-2 oz. packs)
6100846 - FaciliPro 72 Pourpak Concentrated Laundry Fresh Air Freshener (50-1 oz. packs)
6100843 - FaciliPro 92 Pourpak Concentrated Neutral Bathroom Cleaner GS (50-2 oz. packs)
6100844 - FaciliPro 93 Pourpak Concentrated Acid Bathroom Cleaner GS (50-2 oz. packs)

FaciliPro Pourpak Sell Sheet
(610 KB PDF)
FaciliPro Pourpak Sell Sheet
(610 KB PDF)