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New FaciliPro Laundry Products

We are excited to introduce two NEW products to our FaciliPro Laundry Line: FaciliPro Alkaline Laundry Detergent and FaciliPro So Fresh Fabric Softener.

FaciliPro Alkaline Laundry Detergent is a high performance, alkaline, one-shot, emulsion detergent with Nonionic surfactants and conditioners.

FaciliPro So Fresh Fabric Softener is a fresh scented softener that leaves linens soft and static free. Adds a gentle, clean, fresh fragrance.

To learn more about these items, click on the links above to see their product pages.

6101396_FP_Alkaline_Lndry Deterg_5Gal 6101395_FP_SoFresh_Soft_5Gal