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Why is Encapsulation Important?

Low-moisture encapsulation cleaning helps maintain clean carpets in high-traffic areas.

When carpet appearance no longer looks uniform throughout a property and high traffic areas appear dirty and soiled, you’ll want to perform interim maintenance with low moisture encapsulation cleaning to brighten and freshen up high traffic areas with less than one hour of downtime.

    How Encapsulation Works:
  • Surfactants suspend oily soils bound to carpet fibers
  • Polymers encompass soils and help prevent them from reattaching
  • Encapsulation chemistry provides a protective barrier
  • Soil is removed during next scheduled vacuuming


    Save Labor
  • Encapsulation requires no specialized labor
  • As easy as vacuuming
  • Helps extend time between labor-intensive extractions
    Reduce Downtime
  • Low moisture encapsulation method reduces drying time
  • Ensures a quick turnaround and prompt return to business
    Improve your Bottom Line
  • Less invasive than extraction
  • Brightens and freshens high-traffic areas
  • Captures trapped odors
  • Keeps carpets clean longer

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