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Medicated Foam Hand Soap

Antibacterial hand wash that meets FDA requirements for Healthcare Personnel Handwash. Contains aloe vera and emollients to help moisten and soothe the skin. Delivers extra protection with superior mildness. It contains 0.3% Triclosan to help lower infection rates in routine/critical care areas. A mild and emollient-enriched formula includes Aloe Vera and moisturizers to protect the skin and prevent dry, cracked, painful skin caused by repeated hand washing.

Identifying Hand Hygiene Opportunities:

  • Look for stand alone soap bottles at hand washing sinks and recommend the convenience and reliability of Ecolab's dispensed offerings
  • Look for the absence of wall charts and empty dispensers – may provide an opportunity for hand hygiene training

Sustainability Benefits

Reduce Waste

Product packaging is made with recyclable materials

For More Information

Please contact us at ecolabhhc@ecolab.com