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Achieve The Best Results With Comprehensive Floor Care Procedures

General Floor Care Care Maintenance Overview

There are many types of floor surfaces each with individual maintenance needs. The floor substrate, equipment and budget will determine the type of program you use. It is very important to implement a scheduled maintenance program to preserve the look of the floor and prevent premature expensive restorative maintenance and potential early replacement costs.

    Floor care maintenance cycles are broken into three main categories:
  • Daily
  • Interim
  • Restorative

Each level of maintenance requires increasingly more labor and cost. Time invested at each lower level will increase the time interval before the next higher level of maintenance is required. Using this approach will help minimize product usage and maximize labor savings.

Carpet Care

Image is everything and clean, spot-free carpets reflect your commitment to superior customer satisfaction. Effective solutions to remove common and unknown spots or stains, as well as bringing back a bright, uniform appearance to high traffic carpet areas with minimal downtime is appealing to your customers. On-site training, regular visits and customizable carpet care program needs to meet your customer's needs.

Floor Care

Clean bright and shiny floors are a reflection of your commitment to cleanliness. Keeping floors maintained however can create its own set of problems such as closing common areas and rooms while refinishing floors. High-performing floor care solutions can help you take bigger strides to reduce environmental impact and lower your operational costs. Comprehensive training on proper floor care procedures will help keep your operations running safely and efficiently.

Stone Care

Maintain beautiful, long-lasting stone and ceramic floors with the proper system that delivers the products, tools and training needed to properly care for natural stone and ceramic surfaces. Protect your investment and the natural beauty of stone and ceramic by reducing the number of maintenance steps with a cost effective program.

Wood Care

Wood floors are a significant investment and require specialized care. A wood sports floor maintenance program is more than dust mopping. A successful program ensures the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system is functioning properly prior to any restorative maintenance. It's important to keep soil, dust, grit and moisture off wood sports floors. With the proper products, tools and training, you will be able to keep your wood sports floors looking beautiful and extend the life of the floor.

For detailed maintenance procedures for all floor surfaces download the Comprehensive Floor Care Maintenance Guide.

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