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Help Improve Guest Satisfaction with the Fresh Start Housekeeping Program

A strong partnership with the executive housekeeper allows the Fresh Start Program to help increase guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Proper procedures and correct product usage equals consistent housekeeping results

The Fresh Start program is a proven value-added service protocol for lodging customers who want to improve their cleaning consistency and help deliver guest satisfaction.

Through a strong partnership with the Executive Housekeeper, Fresh Start provides the opportunity to not only provide housekeeping product solutions and service equipment, but to show the distributor and Ecolab team's value to housekeeping staff and executives.

Contact your Ecolab representative to learn more about the Fresh Start program

Need More Information?

Email us at ecolabhhc@ecolab.com

Top 10 Attributes of Guest Satisfaction

  1. Overall cleanliness of room
  2. Cleanliness of bathroom
  3. Feeling of safety
  4. Room ready at check-in
  5. Things don’t work or aren’t fixed properly…