Phazer™ Mobile Floor Care System

Dramatically decrease chemical, packaging, labor and waste with the innovative Phazer™ Mobile Floor Care System. With this system the operator carries floor finish in a self-contained carrier and uses an ergonomic flat mop to apply finish.

  • Ecolab PIC: 9202-1103
  • GTIN Number:
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Ergonomic design eliminates bending, reaching and wringing out string mops.

Ergonomic applicator mop design minimizes awkward stance.

Completely contained system minimizes operator contact with chemicals

Flexible, collapsible pouches create 83% less plastic waste than 5-gal pail system.

Innovative valve design ensures excess product in feed line runs back into product bag for later use, minimizing product waste up to 20% over traditional mop and bucket.

Fluid, uninterrupted motion eliminates the disruption of rewetting a string mop, enabling workers to increase productivity up to 73% over mop and bucket system.

How To Use

Directions for Use:

Loading the Product Bag:

  • Open pack cover by releasing the plastic buckle on the locking strap. Note the orientation of the product bag and the bag spout.
  • Place the product bag into position and slide the inside slot of the bag collar into the slot on the pack.
  • Push the collar completely down and snap into place as shown. This will help hold the collar at its most downward point during use to insure complete product evacuation.
  • Remove the shipping dust cap to gain access to the self sealing bag insert.
  • Attach the delivery tube connector as shown by threading onto the bag spout.
  • Turn until it is completely engaged.
  • Rotate the pack cover closed and secure the locking strap.

Connecting the Applicator Handle to the Applicator Head:

  • Insert the stationary pin on the connector clip into one of the center holes on the applicator head.
  • Slide the bolt of the moveable pin back and rotate the connector into position. Release the sliding bolt to secure the connector to the applicator head.

Preparing the Applicator Pad:

  • It is always best to pre-moisten the applicator pad. This will help to saturate the pad with finish during initial use.
  • If you are using a new pad, rinse it thoroughly several times.
  • Ring out the excess water so the pad is left damp. Always inspect the pad to ensure that all fibers and lint have been removed, especially if it is a new pad.
  • Center the damp pad onto the applicator head. Press firmly into place.

Additional Notes:

  • For application techniques, proper use and additional directions for use, refer to the Phazer Installation and Operation Manual and the specific product(s) I&O Manual

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