StoneMedic™ CTP-1 Ceramic Tile Polish #1

The first part of a two-step program that freshens grout lines and prepares the tile for polishing to a high gloss with the use of CTP-2.

  • Ecolab PIC: 6101092
  • GTIN Number: 00025469656032
How To Use

Directions for Use:

  1. Wet a 25 sq ft (2.5 sq m) area with clean water and apply approximately 3 oz (84 grams) of StoneMedic™ CTP 1 Ceramic Tile Polish-1.
  2. Use the StoneMedic™ CTP 1 Ceramic Tile Polish-1 Brush mounted on a StoneMedic™ Mighty Max floor machine.
  3. CTP 1 should be buffed into a slurry over the 25 sq ft (2.5 sq m) area. Add water as necessary to maintain proper slurry consistency.
  4. Work the material slowly over the area for approximately 10 minutes.
  5. Wet vacuum and double flood rinse, removing all residue.
  6. Allow area to dry, move to next 25 sq ft (2.5 sq m) area and repeat. Overlap areas to blend.
  7. When area is completed, use StoneMedic™ CTP 2 Ceramic Tile Polish-2 following similar instructions for that product.

Additional Notes:

  • Before using strip and remove all topical coatings from floor to be polished using appropriate stripper.
  • Heavily soiled floors may require intensive cleaning prior to the use of this product.
  • Do not allow slurry to dry on surface.
  • Not for use on glazed porcelain ceramic tile.

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