Acute Care

Nowhere is disinfection and the fight against germs more important than in patient rooms at healthcare facilities such as acute care.

A clean and safe environment is critical to helping reduce the risk of infection. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die from HAIs (healthcare-associated infections) and outbreaks. In response, we developed a comprehensive Infection Prevention Program for our Acute Care customers that delivers best-in-class disinfection and protects the patients’ health. With proper staff training and monitoring, we can help you improve cleaning outcomes and reduce risk.

Here is your chance to help reduce the risk of infection outbreaks with your customers and help protect your reputation and bottom line!

We Offer:


  • A complete program tailored to each acute care location's unique needs
  • Hospital-grade disinfectants that clean and protect against Norovirus and other bacteria with fast contact times
  • A proven training program that helps ensure utilization of correct products and procedures


  • Maintenance solutions and training for all types of floor and carpeting
  • The MAXX Durable program which provides a long-lasting solution that helps reduce labor and maintenance costs
  • Floor finishes designed for Acute Care Facilities, including matte finishes and hand sanitizer-resistant options


  • A full range of hand hygiene products, from soaps to sanitizers to lotions
  • Nexa™ dispensers with antimicrobial protection in the manual dispensers' push bar to continuously inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Touch Point Service™, including customized planning, free installation, expert training, continuing awareness and ongoing service

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