FaciliPro™ 77 Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator

A one step product that provides instant knock down of and continuous action, removing odors at the source on a variety of surfaces.

  • Ecolab PIC: 6101025
  • GTIN Number: 10025469024876
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Designed to counteract urine and body odor

Continuous action on odor post-application

Effective on hard and soft surfaces

Pleasant fragrance

Helps simplify odor management process

Provides instant knock down

User friendly and removes odor at source

One product for multiple surfaces

How To Use

Directions for Use:



Recommended for use on/in: carpet, furniture, upholstered furniture, hard surfaces, floors, around toilet, trashcans, drains, and any other surfaces causing malodor.

  1. Prior to application, clean to remove as much visible liquid or solid soil as possible, then sanitize or disinfect as needed with an EPA registered product.
  2. Apply Bio-Enzymatic Odor Eliminator - Waterfall Mist directly to soiled surface using a trigger sprayer, sponge, mop, saturated cloth or extraction cleaner.
SOFT SURFACES: Saturate soiled area, blot excess product and let air dry. CARPET: Can be used as an extraction cleaner or as a spot cleaner. For spot cleaning, follow soft surface use directions HARD SURFACES: Generously apply product to problem areas and let air dry.

Not recommended to be sprayed into the air as an air freshener.

  • Light Duty: 2 US fl oz per gallon of water
  • Medium Duty: 4 US fl oz per gallon of water
  • Heavy Duty: 8 US fl oz per gallon of water

Detailed Directions For Use

Soft surfaces

Remove as much visible soil as possible and follow directions below for each surface.

  • Soft surfaces –Apply product with a trigger sprayer and let dry as a fabric refresher and odor eliminator.
  • Carpet – Test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness before applying product.
  • Extraction – Vacuum carpet before extraction. Dilute product at the recommended light dilution in warm, not hot, water. Extract carpet.
  • Spot Cleaning – Use product as you would use any other carpet spotting product.

Hard surfaces

Remove visible soil and follow directions below for each surface.

  • Hard surfaces –Apply product with trigger sprayer, wipe, and let air dry or wipe onto surface with wet cloth/microfiber/towel wipe and let air dry.
  • Hard surface floors – Mop product onto floor and let air dry.
  • Urinals & Toilet Areas – Wipe down wall surfaces and partitions around urinal with product. Apply product with trigger sprayer, sponge, microfiber, cloth, rag, or mop, spread over problem areas, and let dry.
  • Drains – Apply product directly to drain that is causing odor. Pour ½ - 1 gallon of diluted product into drain.

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