Seal-O-Solv Solvent Based Cleaner

Solvent based cleaner for tacking wood floors in preparation for sealing or finishing. Removes dust and abrasive residue after wood floor has been sanded or dry screened.

  • Ecolab PIC: 6112123
  • GTIN Number: 00025469621238
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Dries quickly when used to tack sanded floors saving time in finishing process

Removes dust, black rubber marks, tar and food stains

Removes fine dust and provides a less slippery surface on finished wood gym floors

Recommended for cleaning equipment used in sealing wood floors


Removes dust and abrasive residue from sanded or dry screened wood floors

Spot remover for synthetic sports surfaces and waterless cleaner for gym floors

Cleaner for applicators and brushes used for wood floor sealing

Effective Against/On:

Tacking - Sanded/ screened wood floors

Cleaning - synthetic sports floors, finished gym floors

How To Use

Directions for Use:

Equipment Cleaning:

Lamb's wool applicators and brushes should be soaked in Seal-O-Solv immediately after use before seal has dried. When applicators and brushes are to be left overnight and re-used the following day, clean in Seal-O-Solvor soak overnight in a closed metal container.

Cleaning with a Tack-Rag:

After a floor has been sanded or dry cleaned with a screen and after all possible dust has been vacuumed up, the floor should be "tack-ragged." Dampen an old turkish towel with Seal-O-Solv, tightly wring out it and place under a wide bristle broom. Drape the excess towel back over the front of the broom. Push the Seal-O-Solv "tack-rag" along the floor with the grain of the wood. Shake dust from towel and wring out the towel every fifty feet in fresh Seal-O-Solv. Care should be used to overlap passes, insuring thorough coverage. Seal-O-Solv will dry almost immediately and floor may then be sealed. The tack-rag should be spread out to dry outside after use.

Spot Removal for Synthetic Sports Surfaces:

To remove black marks, gym shoe burns, graffiti, tar, food stains and other soils that your standard maintenance procedures do not remove, dampen a piece of cheese cloth or the inner circle of the blue cleaner pad with Seal-O-Solv, then rub stain, marks or soils for removal.

Waterless Cleaner for Gym Floors:

Dampen and then tightly wring out a turkish towel with Seal-O-Solvand place under a wide bristle broom, applicator, or clean dust mop. Push along the floor with the grain of the wood and clean the gym floor before athletic events to remove fine dust and provide a less slippery surface.


Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Keep away from heat and flame. Use with adequate ventilation. Keep container closed.


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