Vinyl and Stone Sealer

New generation water emulsion acrylic sealer and base coat. Designed as sealer for stone floors such as concrete and terrazzo, great as a base coat for all resilient floors. Provides excellent adhesion to luxury vinyl surfaces. Use as base coat only for any of the FaciliPro/Ecolab family of conventional floor finishes.

  • Ecolab PIC: 6100422
  • GTIN Number: 10025469573022
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Produces excellent adhesion to luxury vinyl surfaces

Acts as a tough foundation for top coat finishes by filing pores and crevices, imparting a hard, level surface


Can be used as base coat with any of the Ecolab family of conventional floor finishes (if using MAXX Durable hybrid floor finish, use Rivet as the sealer).

Used alone it provides a colorless, semi-permanent, gloss surface coat

Effective Against/On:

Designed for non-resistant floors such as concrete and terrazzo

Recommended for use on luxury vinyl surfaces

Safe for all resilient floors

How To Use

Directions for Use:

1. Floor Preparation:

  • Strip existing floor finish with MAXX Floor Finish Remover at recommended use dilutions.
  • For heavy-duty stripping, machine scrub with a stripping pad to remove all old finish and seal.
  • Pick up old finish and dirty solution with wet vacuum. Rinse at least twice with clear water and let dry.

2. Application:

  • Apply MAXX Floor Sealer in full, uniform coat with a freshly laundered mop. Let dry thoroughly, usually 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Once dry, a second coat should be applied. Two coats are recommended for most applications.
  • For best results, use MAXX Floor Sealer with Ecolab floor finishes.

Additional Notes:

  • To avoid contamination, do not return unused MAXX Floor Sealer to original container.
  • Not recommended for unsealed wood floors.

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